Living off of a suitcase.

I got rid of most of my belongings just for convenience.

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! Or welcome back if you aren’t new. Today I will share with you both a story and tips of how I got to be living off of a suitcase (as if it’s admirable though).

So I don’t wanna repeat myself too often but I switched my lifestyle pretty rapidly, aka last month and started living as a minimalist. This included getting rid of most of my belongings that I would normally keep.

My decision to become a minimalist wasn’t in any way driven by trends or fashion of current social media but it was caused purely by convenience and my laziness. I am a lazy ass bitch. Unfortunately, that’s my weakest point. So to travel the way I wanted I had to leave some things behind, such as an excess of clothing, personal shit that was useless but full of nostalgia or stuff like that.

Was it easy at first?

No girl, definitely not. Forget about clothes and shoes! The worst thing was to get rid of postcards, dust-collecting items that had only one value alone – I liked them.

Trimming my wardrobe.

It’s hard, it really is. Especially if u like to dress nicely or to look smart. My suitcase though, it’s not that big. It is the perfect size for Ryanair to let me bring it aboard a plane so naturally, I couldn’t fit everything in there.

Set a goal.

My goal was simple, to fit all NECESSARY shit in that suitcase. But for yall who just want to get minimalist, set your goal to split your wardrobe in half.
The first half is made up of things that you ABSOLUTELY love. The second of clothing that you just like.

You deal with that second pile after that. Make sure you look at your stuff as an obstacle, a problem to solve instead as children you have to disown. ( As I did at first.)
After the first trial see what you have done. Now you probably should categorise your clothes in a manner that shows you which clothes you wear on a daily, monthly or so on. Get rid of the clothes that you wear rarely. And here you go!
After I packed I felt accomplished. I fit all my life in one spot. One, not that big, suitcase.

How did that feel?

Both ways. Depressing because my life now started and ended in one box, old and worn off, with a broken handle, fixed with tape and an old iron cord.
It felt wholesome as well. Now I had full control over my life. I literally was able to grasp and hold onto my life and that felt amazingly powerful.
I no longer felt bound to a place, not that it is a bad thing. I felt like a bird making my own nest.

Is it hard to live off of a suitcase?

Traveling wise, no. But it really depends on the lifestyle you chose. I feel good about my nomadic life so far. I lack that material want. What I want is to experience, to learn new skills and to pay off my debt yall! So after I break even I will tell you how it feels really.

For now, I can say with all my heart – get rid of things that really are not important and start experiencing. You only have one chance to absorb the moment and many more chances to get a discounted shirt at Primark.

But who am I to tell you anything though. Just saying.

So, guys, that’s it for now!

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Bye queens!