Traveling while being broke AF!

How to travel while being broke.

I am 21. I am broke as hell and I have decided to travel the world on my own!

Today I am sharing my secrets with you. Secrets that won’t tell if it’s for you but secrets that will show you that everything is possible if you just want it enough.

Hi queens! My name is Sebastian Waszczuk and I am your bad guide today.

The thought of traveling solo can be as daunting as it can be scary. I understand that completely. I myself was scared to move my ass a while ago. Now I am almost 1000 km from home. Alone, with no connections and no extra money to spare. In one month I became a nomad. Without a house, or any plan in particular.

And now I know it can be done. In fact, it can be done easier than I expected. I am here to tell you that.

Traveling is like finding a new way of living to me. For the past two years, I have lived the lifestyle of my parents. Working from 8 to 8, six days a week. Was it ok? Yes, for a while.

After some time a realised it wasn’t for me. The job I had was ok for a year but then something happened. I felt immense burnout. Sense of pointlessness because of a job that didn’t bring me any closer to my goals.

Then I went bankrupt. Well, not literally. I worked for an MLM company. As many of you probably know, 90% of partners in most MLMs don’t earn a good income. I didn’t as well.

My job required constant showing off for the public. Proving that I had money while in reality, I went into debt.

Well, after two years of struggling I quit. I left the crappy job that brainwashed me to be my own boss while making me a slave of the system.

traveling tips for broke people

How to travel broke.

Work. That’s it. I found a way to travel and work at the same time. Is it digital work, working from home? No. I work in a warehouse, like a worm but at least I can save up money while traveling through a country I currently work in. Thanks to the European Union it is extremely easy.

So find a job in a different country. Not necessarily in a big city cause it’s expensive. Find a city close to the centre and you will find that the rent cost is sometimes largely different and cheaper.

But flights are expensive?

Oh yes gurl, they are! That’s why I constantly look for ways to travel cheap. It involves scanning through flight apps to find the best deal. If there aren’t any, why fly?

You don’t have money? Pay with your time. Use blablacar if you live in Europe. Search for trains. For fellow Americans, it may seem weird but Europe is so open and connected that even hitchhiking is easy and safe.

But why I’ve decided to travel?

I am a creature of habit and I fully acknowledge that as my weakness. If I hesitate I probably won’t do something at all. So I have forced myself this one time to just go. Did it hurt to leave my life and friends behind?

Kinda. I know for a fact that the internet gives me this wonderful opportunity to connect with them on a daily basis and it doesn’t mean only texting or calling.

Your friends won’t disappear just because you are gone from a physical space. If they do, are they your friends really? There are no conditions here, do what is best for you!

Pros of solo traveling.

  • I decide where I go. When I go and how I go!
  • It allows me to fully dive deep into the culture because suddenly I have no one to talk to in polish so either I learn some dutch, for example, or I won’t talk to people at all.
  • It gives me this power, the power of finally being fully independent.
  • It empowers me to learn and experience on a personal level how hard it is to be an “alien”. And it humbles me.

Cons of solo traveling.

  • It sometimes feels overwhelming. You need to have strong emotional awareness to withstand being alone for large periods of time and relying only on yourself.
  • It makes your life full of problems you need to solve because everything you do, finding a job abroad, a cheap flight or stuff like that lays solely on your shoulders and if you fuck up it’s only you who can be blamed.
  • If you like stability and safety it can be a nightmare.

So is traveling for everybody?

I think anybody can travel. The only thing that is important to note is that not anyone can live like that constantly. It’s a hard lifestyle. It is full of wonders but also full of traps. If you are an adventurer like me, I think we can manage. We are the queens after all!

Guys, I started this blog to share my story. To warn and to teach because I love doing that. If you liked this post or anything I do here consider subscribing or following me on Instagram.

See you!

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